Why I Dropped The Agnostic Off My Atheist

imageFair warning, this post is going to be rough around the edges. It’s been a while since my last post, over two years to be exact, so I’m just gonna let it fly. There’s been some changes in my way of thinking since my last post. For starters, I am now 100% comfortable with calling myself an atheist. I don’t even bother prefixing it with the word agnostic any more. There’s very few things, if any, in this life that anyone is 100% certain of, yet we never feel the need to clarify the fact that there is the smallest percentage of a chance that we could possibly be wrong about anything else EXCEPT for when it comes to saying we do not believe in a supernatural being that resides somewhere beyond our sight that watches our every move and knows our every thought. Why is that?

People tend to think, as did I for the longest time, that being an atheist is being certain there is no god. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god. If you ask me if I believe in a unicorn riding Bigfoot I would simply say no. I would not feel the need to clarify that although I don’t believe such a creature exists, I cannot possibly know for certain. So why should I have to insert that disclaimer any time I’m asked about my belief in any of the thousands of gods that have been presented to us in myths throughout history?  I shouldn’t, and I won’t any longer.

I have no problem with anyone who feels more comfortable with calling themselves an agnostic, but I’ve noticed many of those people don’t seem to grasp what the word atheist really means. I have heard them say that atheists are as silly as theists for claiming to know that a god does not exist. I don’t know a single atheist that has made that claim. Maybe there’s a few out there, but I haven’t ran into them yet.

So, how open am I to the possibility of being wrong, and there actually being an all powerful creator perched somewhere above, peering down through the clouds, disappointed at what miserable, worthless little shits we all are?  Well, I’ll put it this way, I’d be less surprised if I saw Harry Henderson straddling that unicorn than I would if it turned out any of the gods talked about today were real.

I want to talk more about why I don’t believe in a god. I want to talk about why I feel strongly that believing in a god is both counterproductive and dangerous. I want to talk about my past, and journey from being a bible believing fundamentalist Christian to becoming an atheist. However, I won’t do that in this post. I plan on becoming more active here, and letting this be the outlet I need to unleash the frustration I often feel living here in the Bible Belt.  I also have some things I’m working on that I hope to do in the near future, I’ll keep ya posted. I hope that besides just getting some things off my chest, I can maybe help someone along the way that is struggling with the same questions I struggled with. I would love if you subscribed, and followed my story. It’s sure to be an exciting journey.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

Joe Stilwell

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